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My Portfolio

Santorini’s murals

Santorini's murals, replicas made on canvas with wooden frame, stuccoed by volcanic soil.


Vessels, made on stacked with cocciopesto canvas and the pigments are powder paints mixed in synthetic emulsion.

Byzantine icons

The art of iconography of the Eastern Orthodox church is sacramental and has a spiritual purpose.

Byzantine murals

The sacramental murals the holy faces depicted in corruption. The beauty in this art is spiritual and not carnal.

Galaxidi’s ships

Galaxidi's ships, watercolour, every captain from Galaxidi ordered the “portrait “of his ship from a specialized painter

I undertake replicas from the ancient Greek period, around 1900 BC until the post-Byzantine years 18th century AD.
Replicas also in murals of the Italian renaissance. Also concervation of paintings on wall, wood, fabric as well as wood carvings.