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Curriculum vitae

Athina Kotsaki

Conservator of works of art Hagiographer Painter

I was born in 1968 in Chania, Crete and grew up in Patras.

Graduate of the School of Preservation of Works of Art and Antiquities, at T.I.I. Athens, specializing in Works of Art. During my studies I did an internship at the National Gallery.

I have painted and preserved temples in various prefectures (Attica, Corinth, Messinia, Fokidos, etc.), as well as collaborated with businessmen and private collectors on the preservation of works of art, hagiography and painting.

In recent years I have focused on my cooperation with businessmen in Santorini.

In general, I specialize in exact replicas [exact replicas and in the methodology and technology of construction materials of each era], from the ancient Greek era 1900 BC. about to the post-Byzantine 16th to 17th century.